Friday, June 8, 2012

S-MASH-ing good news!

Hello, everyone! I can't help but be super stoked right now- I just learned that my MASH stamping plates have already been delivered! Now, since I can't head home to try them out at the moment, I'm doing the next best thing-blogging about it. :)

Mash plates 26-50, image from the official MASH website
My experience with MASH plates customer service has been stellar so far. I ordered the plates on Wednesday and expected them here on Saturday, at the earliest. I'm so thrilled that they're here early! The MASH team provided me with plenty of emails about the shipping/ordering process and gave me a tracking number for my order, which is how I know that they're waiting for me at home. Overall, my experience with MASH has been great so far. I'll have to let you know how I like the plates over next few days.

In other news, I wanted to explain my absence for the last week or so. I have a couple of really good excuses. Join me after the jump to learn what they are!

I have been in the process of moving for a while. I knew that I wouldn't be able to post a lot during the move. However, what I didn't expect was that I wouldn't be able to post at all! My pictures have been inaccessible to me this last week. Why? My phones hate me, that's why.

My phones do not like it when I move. I've moved 3 times in the last 2 years, and each time I've lost a phone. The first time, I lost it for good when I took it out for a walk with me and then couldn't find it among the chaos of my boxes later. My best guess is that I dropped it during the walk and didn't notice.  Last year, I lost it again on what is undoubtedly the worst day of my life. I found it later that day, but it was part of the stress that made that day so terrible for me.

I'm in the middle of moving again. Last week, I lost another phone. This time I lost it to water damage. I was getting onto the freeway in a different direction than usual, braked suddenly to try to make the exit I needed, and spilled water everywhere. I didn't realize that my phone was in the line of fire until later in the evening, when it wouldn't charge. By then, the water damage had set it and it's gone for good.

My only good luck is that I happened to have a backup phone in case of a loss, and the SIM and microSD cards were spared of the water damage. But in the meantime, none of the computers available to me can read microSD cards on their own, or even regular SD cards. Unfortunately, most of the pics I have to post about are on the microSD card on my phone.  I will be borrowing my brother's camera and should be up and posting this weekend.

At least I have some cool stamps to keep me entertained in the meantime. :)

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