Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sinful Colors Glitz and Glittered collection-The Case of the Missing Mermaid!

Sinful Colors Gilded compared to a couple of the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid polishes
   Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! I have so much great material to post about, but am always too tired or too busy to sit down and work on it. It just goes to show just how exhausting a group of 5 year old boys can be. I'm working with an autism Kindergarten class this year, and let me tell you, those boys wear me out!! They are all as lovable and adorable as can be, but every day I get home pooped!  On top of all that, my darn computer has been having issues with the internet, so I'm often dealing with a frozen computer when I do sit down at my desk. :( Anyway, enough about me, let me go ahead and share a post that I started working on a while ago and which I think many gals will find exciting! 
  I’m experiencing a weird case of déjà vu. Last year, I happened upon the Sinful Colors holiday collection at the Rite Aid near one of beauty supply places and did a post about it that day at my parent’s house. Recently, I visited the same nail supply store and Rite Aid again, and was surprised to find the Sinful Colors Holiday 2013 collection, Glitz and Glittered. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I went into the Rite Aid hoping to find new stuff, and that particular store is one of the newest ones in my area and seems to get collections sooner.  However, I hadn’t even seen the Sinful Colors Halloween collection in my area at that point, so I didn’t think I’d find the holiday collection first.     
   As usual, I knew all about the current nail polish collections in drugstores thanks to the awesome Nouveau Cheap blog. Gianna has already done a post about this particular holiday collection. Once I saw the holiday collection in store, I found some really interesting stuff. I don’t have any swatches for you today, but I do have some really interesting information, including the odd case of the missing (Lippmann) mermaid. Join me after the jump for lots of bottle shots and details!

Sinful Colors Gilded in comprison to Million Dollar Mermaid, left and Mermaid's Kiss, right.
    The first polish I want to discuss for is Sinful Colors Gilded. I initially passed on this color, but I decided to buy it after I came to the realization that it seemed really close to one of the polishes in Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid collection. Like the Mermaids, Sinful Colors Gilded features a lighter shimmery base color with darker hex glitter in the same color mixed in.  I bought it thinking Gilded would turn out to be a dupe of Mermaid's Kiss or Million Dollar Mermaid, the pink and orange polishes in the Mermaid collection, respectively. As you can see in the side by side bottle comparisons, Gilded is not quite a match to either of the Mermaids. It's like Sinful Colors Gilded is the long lost sister of the original Mermaids!

Sinful Colors Gilded in comprison to Million Dollar Mermaid and Mermaid's Kiss, with fluorescent light filter
I have a lot of bottle shots to share with you because I paid a visit to my local Nordstrom with my bottle of Sinful Colors Gilded. I'd already seen and admired the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid collection at Nordstroms and even done swatches of the colors on my nails. I thought that either Million Dollar Mermaid or Mermaid's Kiss was going to turn out to be similar to Gilded.  I compared Gilded with both. I found out that it's not the same as either of them. It's actually kind of in between the two. Sinful Colors Gilded is not as peach as Million Dollar Mermaid, but its base color definitely isn't as pink as Mermaid's Kiss. If anything, I think it has a stronger gold shimmer than either of them, with a base color that ventures more into gold territory than either peach or pink, but with pink glitter. 

Sinful Colors Unwrap Me
The other polish I wanted to talk about is Sinful Colors Unwrap Me. Now Laq Lustre already has swatches of this polish up, so you can see the polish in more detail there. However, what I want to discuss is the "red" hex glitters in the polish. I was looking at the polish really closely, and I came to a realization. The hex glitter in Unwrap Me that appears to be red isn't truly red. It's really more of a dark magenta color. It reminds me of Mary's discovery over on Swatch and Learn that the "red" glitter in OPI Minnie Style is actually magenta. I don't know if both Minnie Style and Unwrap Me have the same color glitter in them, but after close examination, I can 100% guarantee you that the glitter in Unwrap Me is not a true red. Hopefully the picture below will help convince you, too. I took it when trying to figure out whether the Unwrap Me had a tinted or clear base. 

Sinful Colors Unwrap Me, a clear topcoat with black and magenta glitters
Along with Gilded, I also bought Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel. I mainly bought it because I love holiday glitters like it. However, I also knew I wanted to compare it with China Glaze Party Hearty, which I am lucky enough to own. I'll be doing that post later this week, so stay tuned. I promise to not disappear this time! 

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