Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Big Lots polish haul

My Big Lots haul (most of it, anyway)
Guys, I can barely contain my excitement after my huge haul at Big Lots on Sunday. I scored big in terms of nail polish, and it was all for $1.00!  Big Lots is hit or miss for me. Oftentimes, I go to Big Lots and strike out completely, leaving with nothing. But sometimes, Big Lots has stock that sends a bargain shopper like me into a delighted tailspin. Sunday was that times100 for me!

I chose a Big Lots that I've had better luck with in the past. I actually first saw the makeup section and was like, "nothing good today." Boy, was I ever wrong! Once I came back and dug through the 3 boxes of makeup on the bottom shelf, I there were all kinds of great things. Join me after the jump for the complete list.

Last 2 items from my haul
Here's what I ended up with:
  1. Nicole by OPI My Empire, My Rules (brown)
  2. Sally Hansen Grass Slipper (lime green)
  3. Sally Hansen All Fired Up (tomato red)
  4. Sally Hansen Magenta Motion (shimmery magenta)
  5. Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom (shimmery mint)   
  6. L'oreal He Red My Mind (shimmery red) 
  7. Essie Mink Muffs (taupe/greige) 
  8. Essie Neo Whimsical (pink leaning white) 
  9. Essie Waltz (jelly white)  
  10. Essie Armed and Ready (army green)  
  11. Essie Sexy Divide (shimmery dark purple)  
  12. Sally Hansen nail art pen in white
  13. Sally Hansen nail strips in Collide-oscope 

Just to be clear and not raise anyone's hopes too high, Sunday was the first time I'd found any Essie or NOPI products at Big Lots. I'd been looking since Nouveau Cheap did this post back at the end of June about some Essie and Zoya sightings. I had been to 4 Big Lots in my area and not found  anything prior to Sunday, just in time for the 20% off Friends and Family sale. 

After I had sorted my way through the colors, there were only about 6 other Essies left, although I did leave behind a couple of Nicole by OPIs. lots of other Sally Hansen colors, and plenty of L'oreals. All of them were priced at $1.00 as well. I had a hard time narrowing down my selections, as you can probably imagine.  

Did you score big at your Big Lots? Or was my store just a one in a million fluke? Comment and let me know!

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  1. I didn't have time for the Friends and Family sale, but I went to the only store local to me and there was not a single Salley Hansen, NOPI or Essie to be found...even in the boxes with all the misc. in it! Looks like you got lucky! Great haul!