Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm Shocked that I successfully watermarbled

Er…somewhat successfully. It's still is far from perfect, but I was pretty pleased with my results when I tried watermarbling on my accent nails in this manicure. I loved the colors of the matte neon glitters in Salon Perfect Shocked, and so I decided to do a watermarble with the two colors in the glitter. I used Orly Faboulous Flamingo and Sinful Colors Amethyst in the watermarble, since I had used those on my other nails as well. I used Amethyst on my index finger and Fabulous Flamingo on my pinky, then topped both of them with 1 coat of Salon Perfect Shocked.  Find out what changes this mani went through and see more pictures, after the jump.

I actually redid my index finger during the course of wearing this manicure. I wasn’t thrilled that the design was so subtle on that finger, so I went ahead and redid it after my first day wearing the look. I much prefer the second, more purple look to the initial one.

I was going to make a final comment concerning the colors of glitter in Salon Perfect Shocked.  When I started this manicure, I was sure the two glitters in the polish were hot pink and purple. After having done this look and seeing the contrast between Shocked and a true purple, I now believe that the second color in Shocked is blurple, a color between blue and purple. I don't think it's a true blue or a true purple.

Regardless of what the colors of the glitters are, Shcoked is definitely a beautiful polish! 

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