Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly(?) blog roundup

So I"m doing this post to share what I consider to be good information or nail art for the nail loving community. I may not have enough material to keep doing it weekly, but I certainly found lots of interesting stuff this week:

-Dupe Alert! Revlon has created a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. Read a blog posting that compares the two here. (For those few non-nail lovers reading this, Deborah Lippmann is a brand of polish whose polishes are often unique, but run $18-$20 per bottle [!]) Revlon's dupe is called called Whimsical and it is appearing with the new Revlon displays. It looks like this display also may contain dupes for the Chanel Jeans collection.  Read more about it in Nouveau Cheap, which does its own comparison in the post.

-Dupe Alert, part 2! Ulta is currently selling a 4 pack that contains dupes for the following popular Lippmann shades :Bad Romance, Ruby Red Slippers, Dancing in the Dark(part of the recent collection, which you can read about here: AND....Across the Universe!!! That last one is the one I'm most excited about, this is my all time most coveted Lippmann and I have been searching for a good dupe of it for a while.Read about it and see the swatches here:

-Layering awesomeness alert: Watch two beautiful polishes transform into something even more gorgeous at Swatch and Learn:  Like I mentioned in a prior post, seeing this post inspired me to layer more!

-A beautiful winter mani at LadyLuck Beauty Blog:  I think it's simple enough to do with just a toothpick, no special tools/polishes necessary. I plan to test this theory and imitate the design later in the season, though I'm going to do Christmas specific ones in the meantime.  

-Rebecca over at Rebecca Likes Nails shares some flakie awesomeness with us with her swatches of Nfu-Oh 50. Maybe this is only important to me because of my huge love of flakies?  Hmmm....

-Nouveau Cheap posted another update about the Spoiled collection from Wet n Wild.  The good news is, it will be permanent. The bad news: I've been to 4 different CVS and have yet to find them! Maybe it's being rolled out slowly and California is last on the list?

-I've been to a few Big Lots! recently for non-polish reasons and checked out the beauty section. At the two I visited, there were still some Revlon Carbonite polishes to be had for $1.50. (Carbonite is a very near dupe of a Chanel shade called Graphite) Some were in the generic bucket of beauty products on the bottom shelf, and in both stores, there were only 5 or so left. Visit your local Big Lots quick if you want to pick up this beauty on the cheap! 

-Finally, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is happy to hear that Michelle from All Lacquered Up posted an explanation of her absence. I'm sad to hear about her recent problems, since I've also battled depression in the past and can relate. Luckily, things are looking up and she says she'll be back to posting regularly. Even if she never posted again, her blog is invaluable resource.  I wish her the best, in blogging but more importantly, in life!

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