Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sally Girl Cuticle Oil news!- or, my Sally's jackpot :)

(skip to the 3rd paragraph if you just want the cuticle oil info)

Sometimes the agony of defeat only serves to enhance the thrill of victory. I think I am extra happy with my trip to Sally's today because of my 2 prior stops. I had gone to CVS looking for the new Spoiled polish and to Ross looking to see if they had any Color Club box sets. I struck out on both fronts. However, I struck gold at Sally's!

I only went into Sally's to buy some nail wheels for a friend and because the Ross and CVS are right in the same shopping complex.  I knew from my prior visits in the last few weeks that they don't have stuff on clearance right now because all their holiday stuff is taking up space in front.  I got the nail wheels, went to the register and looked for their cuticle oil once again. Ever since I ran out of the one bottle that I bought on a whim, I've been wanting to buy more.  I told the clerk what I was looking for and the manager said, "We don't have it on display but I have a bunch in the back!"

Reunited and it feels so good!

I have to say, I loooovee Sally Girl Cuticle Oil.  It smells nice and orangey but not overpowering. A small bottle lasted me months! It comes in the 5 ml mini Sally Girl bottles, which I think is a plus. When I finish the cuticle oil, I can use the bottle for frankening or for sharing polish with a friend. I know I've read at least one blog post from a nail blogger who loves it. If you search for it online or at the regular Sally Girl display, you won't find it. So here's my tip, ladies: go to your local Sally's store and ask them if they have any of their old cuticle oil in the back.  Maybe you'll luck out like I did and stumble on a store that has still them around. 

Another great thing about my trip is that it turns out that there is still a clearance section. They moved it to the back of the store because the holiday stuff is in front. I found a China Glaze from the Halloween collection there for $1. (It was actually 1.99 but when I told the clerk never mind, the manager lowered it to $1.)  The color is Near Dark, a almost black green. It's definitely not a color I would've gotten otherwise, but who could beat the price?!
I have 2 lights shining on this baby and it still looks black. Believe me, it's really, really, really dark green!
Anyway, I am so thrilled to get more of my favorite cuticle oils and could not wait to share the news with my fellow nail philes. I would be happy to figure out some arrangement where I buy these on your behalf if you can't get ahold of them. The lady had a display plastic container full of them, but I contained myself and only bought 3.  Drop me an email/comment if you're interested.  

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