Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not a timeless love for me-OPI Romeo & Joliet

OPI Romeo & Joliet, sunlight
Here's a polish I picked up mainly because it's an OPI.  I found OPI Romeo & Joliet for $2 at a local Goodwill and it's the kind of color that I wouldn't bother with normally, what with it being a fairly typical red shimmer. It leans a bit towards the brown side and is very fall appropriate.  I suspect that it's very similar to the recently released OPI shade Germanicure, but I don't own that one to do a comparison. Anyway, a nice enough glowy autumn color, but not the kind of color I gravitate to.
OPI Romeo & Joliet, shade 

Edited in November of 2014 with an image from wearing the same shade. 

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