Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tips and tricks Tuesday-Dealing with a terrible brush

Bad brushes from OPI and Spoiled
One of the common complaints I've heard about the Spoiled nail polish line is that their brushes are terrible. My solution to this problem: use the brush from an empty bottle of a brand you do like. It's easy to clean these brushes by filling the bottle with pure acetone and submerging the brush. Keep reading to find out more details, plus learn some of the other reasons I think it's a great idea to keep you empty bottles.
I've reused my empty bottles for other nail polishes by simply filling the bottle with acetone and shaking it. Doing this, all the old polish gets dissolved and the brush will be cleaned of any polish residue, especially if you do it more than once. You can do this again right after reusing your brush with a new color to make sure you always have a good quality brush-for those colors you love with brushes you hate.
A couple of the empty bottles I keep for their brushes
It's also a good idea to keep empty bottles around for:

1) Sharing nail polish. See my prior post here.
2) Creating your own frankens. You need an empty bottle to pour all your mixture into!
3) Worst case scenario: a bottle break. I've seen a few pictures online of people whose polishes have broken- because of bad shipping or a bad accident. In some cases, you may be able to "rescue" some of the polish in the broken bottle by pouring it into another bottle right away. The pictures I've seen where this seems like a possibility is the cases when the bottle breaks near the neck. You would just pour (as carefully as possible, because broken glass is involved,) from the broken bottle into the empty old bottle. It can't hurt to have an extra bottle around, just in case!

I hope this post has made you reconsider throwing out your empty bottle of basecoat or polish. It's still got the potential to be a good tool in a nail lover's arsenal!

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