Sunday, January 15, 2012

??? Days of Blurple-Magenta Cascade

If you've read this post, you might know that I've made it my mission to use up this little bottle of polish and figure out exactly how many uses you can get out of a mini. Since I have no intention of ever doing 4 coats again, I will be using it in a variety of ways that always involves using a full coat at a time.

Here's my first nail art with my unnamed blurple:
Savina Purple Confetti sponged over Wet n Wild unnamed purple, with Sinful Colors Frenzy, sunlight
It's definitely one of my favorite manis ever! I totally love this look, and will tell you how I achieved it after the jump.
Savina Purple Confetti sponged over Wet n Wild unnamed purple, with Sinful Colors Frenzy, natural light
This mani started with my 4 coats of Wet n Wild Little Luxuries unnamed purple polish over white, which I detail here. I found the end result to be rather unimpressive, so I added Sinful Colors Frenzy the next day. I really liked the way the colors in the glitter played with the blurple, which is why I decided to try to enhance the effect. I sponged the tips using Savina Purple Confetti, and then added 2 more coats of glitter.  
Because I love it so much, here's another picture of this mani, sunlight

Plus another one picture of this mani in natural light
As I said, I really love this manicure. To me, it looks like a shower of magenta glitter is gradually falling from the top of the nail to the bottom, or the blue glitter is climbing from the bottom to the top, LOL! Either way, it's a really interesting look and way more impressive than I would have expected of myself. My only complaint about this mani is that because I started with 5 coats just to get the purple base, it felt super thick. It was 11 coats altogether if you include the base coat and 2 layers of top coat. Almost from the beginning, I felt like my color was ready to chip off because the polish was so thick on my nails. I ended up taking it off after a couple of days. I would definitely recommend using a different base color than the Wet n Wild unnamed purple.  My alternate, which I think might look even better underneath this look, is Sally Hansen DVD.  It achieves the same kind of blue-leaning purple color with way less coats.  

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