Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revlon Whimsical-OK, fine, I like it....

Revlon Whimsical over Color Club Factory Girl, sunlight
So my strong desire to get Revlon's Whimsical, the Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air dupe, was not a rational one. Basically, if there's an affordable Lippmann dupe out there, I want it. However, in all the swatches I had seen of Glitter in the Air, I had never been totally into the polish. It was a little too subdued for my taste, I think. I also didn't like how translucent it was, and the idea of having to wear a base color underneath.  I have to say, now that I've worn and swatched Whimsical over a few colors, I can see why the color was such a highly coveted one! Join me after the jump to see Whimsical over a variety of blues and other colors.

Here is Whimsical over a variety of blues and then white. I also tried it over China Glaze's Who's Wearing What, a kind of greyish light purple and over black to test it.
Revlon Whimsical over (from left) white, Essie Borrowed and Blue, Color Club Factory Girl, unnamed franken, and China Glaze Who's Wearing What.
Revlon Whimsical over (from left) China Glaze Who's Wearing What and Wet n Wild Black Creme.
I thought Whimsical looked fine on all the blues, but a little too stark on the white. I chose Color Club Factory Girl for my mani because it seemed to be a perfect "middle ground" pastel blue, neither too dark not too light. I think it barely softens the black but it's not a look I can see anyone going for. I like it over the purple, I think Whimsical would work well over almost any pastel. I'm curious to experiment further with this, and to see what it looks like over a nude or a light pink base.
Revlon Whimsical over Color Club Factory Girl, natural light

Revlon Whimsical over Color Club Factory Girl, sunlight

After having worn Whimsical, I can honestly say I really like it. I like the classy subdued nature of the glitter and how it just softens the underlying color. I can really see how sometimes, you just have to experience a color for yourself to become a fan. I'm definitely a fan of this milky glitter now!


  1. You need to try it over a warm nude - nothing that is at all chalky. When DL released GITA - it was released with her Naked shade - and it was intended to be one option for a base for GITA. It's a great look - sounds out of the box? Think you natural nails only way better with a sheer blue wash and light glitter. I adore GITA. I am not a fan of large, hunky, chunky glitter. I would love to see more of this type in other shades.

  2. Thanks for showing all the layering options!