Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unspeakable beauty-Sinful Colors Green Ocean over Orly Royal Navy

Okay, April may be long over but I still have a few blue manicures to post, so I'm continuing my Autism Awareness theme. :)
Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, shade
Those with autism have a brain that works differently than ours. A big part of that is that they process things visually and not verbally.  As a result, preschoolers with autism don't start speaking until later than their typical peers, and some of them will barely speak at all, even as they get older. There are plenty of autistic people who are very verbal, but in general, an autism diagnosis means a less verbal child. Speech therapists and other educators work with all types of autistic children to improve their ability to speak and communicate with others.

Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, natural light
This combo was inspired by seeing a great picture of Sinful Colors Green Ocean over a royal blue on the Icy Queen Nail Parlour blog. After having tried and being really impressed by the beautiful blue shimmer in Orly Royal Navy, I wanted to try flakies with it. Royal Navy is an awesome royal blue jelly with a bit of a turquoise shimmer. I got more shimmer out of it by keeping Royal Navy upside down until it was ready to apply. The shimmer tends to settle at the bottom so this helped.  Sinful Colors Green Ocean is the blue flakie in a green base that is typically only available around St. Patrick's day.  I'm lucky to have picked mine up and have liked it no matter what color it's over. To see a lot more more pics of Royal Navy and Green Ocean together, keep reading!

Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, sunlight
I'm not really sure what to say about this combo. I think it's beautiful and the pictures speak for themselves.
Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, natural light
Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, shade
 I am super impressed with Orly Royal Navy. It had been on my wishlist for a really long time, but prior to a few months ago my favorite nail place did not carry it. Once I actually tried it, it was total looove! What's not to like? Gorgeous icy blue color, jelly texture and turquoise shimmer....this polish has it all! There are plenty of better pictures out there, but here's my attempt at a picture of Royal Navy on its own.

Orly Royal Navy, natural light
Longtime followers of this blog know that I really adore flakies. I've had my eye on Sinful Colors Green Ocean since I first heard about it back in November. I knew that it would become available for St. Patrick's Day, so I decided not to pay extra to order it online and have it shipped. My patience ended up paying off, because I was able to score 3 bottles of Green Ocean at Walgreens. I got them for myself, Esmeralda Pearlfinish and another friend. It's a rare polish that I push onto other people, but I really think Green Ocean is the most flakie bang for your buck at $1.99 a bottle.  That said, the formula is far from perfect. It's a bit thick and gloopy and I almost always end up with extra flakies hanging onto my cuticles. For this much beauty, I think it's totally worth it!

Sinful Colors Green Ocean bottle
Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, sunlight . Pardon the tipwear.
My final note is that my super observant readers might notice that the flakies seem to be in different positions. That's because I did this mani twice. I wasn't able to get any good sunlight pictures the first time, but the combination was so beautiful that I knew I had to sport Green Ocean over Royal Navy again and take some pictures that did it justice. While I don't think any of my pics can capture the true beauty of this look, I'm glad to be able to share this impressive mani with you.


  1. this is awesome! I need to try this with ChG Blue Year's Eve, it's my fave blue, looks kinda similar to Royal Navy :)

    and hi, this is kuroba from MUA, posting all the way from the north of Chile :D

  2. Thank you, I think GO looks good over a lot of colors. I think it would look great over BYE, but Royal Navy is a darker more true blue while I think of BYE as a turquoise blue. I own both and they are both are awesome, IMHO. :)

    De veras estas hasta aya en Chile? Cool! My parents are from Mexico, so I speak Spanish and recently visited Michoacan, Mexico during vacation.

    1. Que genial! :D Y sí, vivo en Antofagasta de Chile, en el desierto de Atacama. Lately I've stumbled upon a couple american girls who also speak spanish, that is such a fun surprise :)

      Thank you for the quick comp of RN and BYE. The Orly selection at my stores is skim, so I'm pretty happy with BYE -for the time being ;)

  3. Beautiful combo, I like the green flakies sparkling through :) l

  4. Green Ocean looks great with Royal Navy!

  5. So pretty together, I never think of layering combination like this! I tend to stick with green based glitter with green creme polish type of deal. But this is genius!