Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A beautiful mystery- OPI DS Magic with caviar accent

OPI DS Magic with caviar nail accent, sunlight
Derp....my mind apparently went missing when I published this post. The polish in my pictures is OPI DS Magic, not OPI DS Mystery as I initially stated. Somehow I got the idea in my head that the name was Mystery and I never actually looked at the label and checked before publishing! Again, excuse my brain fart!
For my segment on autism today, I just want to talk about how fitting a polish OPI DS Mystery is with the disorder. While professionals who work with autism know a lot about autism and are constantly working to learn more, the inner workings of an autistic brain largely remain a mystery.  However, just like the polish I'll be showing you today, autistic children tend to be really beautiful. I work with a lot of children, and think children are cute and are all lovely in their own way. However, something about autistic children makes them just gorgeous to me. I joke with coworkers that we'd be rich if we could figure out how to start a child modeling agency with our autistic students. :)

OPI DS Magic with OPI DS Extravagance accent on pointer, sunlight
My look today involves OPI DS Magic with 2 different kind of accent nails. On the right hand, I used OPI DS Extravagance on the pointer finger. On the left hand, I used Dollar Tree royal blue microbeads for a caviar bead accent.

Join me after the jump for more pictures!

OPI DS Magic vs. OPI DS Extravagance, sunlight
For both looks in this post, I used OPI DS Magic  The polish is quite a gorgeous royal blue shimmer.  However, it's not a holographic polish like other OPI DS polishes. I would say it's more of an extreme shimmer or glass fleck.  I photographed it with OPI DS Extravagance, and you can see the difference between the 2.

OPI DS Magic with OPI DS Extravagance accent on pointer. Both are from the OPI DS series, only one is holo.
I think the photos make it really clear that OPI DS Extravagance has a strong scattered holo effect, while OPI DS Magic doesn't . DS Magic is still a beautiful polish, but I can see why holo lovers would skip it. OPI DS Magic still bears the DS name and high price tag of the OPI DS series without being a true holo. It's still pretty enough that I'm glad to have it in my collection.

For both my looks, I started with a coat of China Glaze Manhunt on all the blue nails in order to use less of OPI DS Magic. It was 1 coat of Manhunt with 2 coats of OPI Magic on top.

OPI DS Magic with Dollar Tree microbeads, sunlight
My main look with OPI DS Magic involves a caviar bead accent nail. I used a little vial of microbeads that I picked up for $1 at Dollar Tree. It was in a 6 pack likes those you see in this post and this one. Both of these bloggers have pictures of the what the Dollar Tree microbead sets look like, and you can also find a picture on my blog from back when I originally tried a caviar accent almost a year ago.  I've since seen microbeads on a fairly regular basis at Dollar Tree, and have picked up another set because they've done some sets with different colored beads.

OPI DS Magic with microbead accent on the ring finger
Do you have OPI DS Magic> What about OPI DS Mystery or Extravagance? How about Dollar Tree caviar beads? What do you think of them?

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  1. I have DS Mystery and is really dark plum with gold flecks, why this one is different?