Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift store haul!

I went to one of my local thrift stores yesterday and ended up with quite a haul of nail polish. I had no idea that it would be such a goldmine when it comes to vintage polishes. I ended up limiting myself to 9 polishes at 50 cents a piece, and some of them are real finds! Find out more details after the jump!

The main reason I consider my trip to the thrift store such a success is because a lot of the polishes I found there seem to be quite old and/or rare. Here are the polishes I got and their names (if they have names):
  1. OPI- Iberian Bisque.  I can't find out too much about it on the internet, except that it's long discontinued
  2. Orly-unnamed red shimmer. Very old school bottle. The label that would've had any info is worn off.
  3. Petites- unnamed pink frost. Though the bottle's label is intact, it does not have a name anywhere.
  4. CQ-Rose Topaz
  5. Revlon Street Wear-Fever
  6. Wet n Wild-unnamed dark brown creme
  7. Revlon- Pretty Rockin. Bottle top with also says "limited edition" above the name, but I can't find anything more about it on the interwebs
  8. Clinique-Baby Fingers
  9. Unknown brand without label-sheer pink  
Out of all of these, the Petites and unnamed one are definitely going to get dumped so that I can use their bottles (find out my reasons in this post.) The others are the most recent additions to my stash.

I'm especially happy to have a few of these. 1) The Wet n Wild because the old school bottle is what I remember seeing at the drugstore when I was young, 2) the Orly because the bottle is so old and 70's looking and 3) the OPI because it seems like such a rarity.

Usually, why I hit the thrift store, my aims are:
-find any polish in a small bottle so I can empty it out for later use. (again, more on that in this post)
-find cheap polish that will be for nail art or frankening purposes only.
-stumble across the bottle of Clarins 230 that someone unknowingly threw out.(Hey, it could happen! It most likely never will, but it's still possible.....)

Do you ever shop for polish at thrift stores?


  1. Street Wear! Man, I used to have a few of those polishes and I miss them so much.

  2. I didnt know you could get polish at a thrift store, pretty cool and they are all vintage looking LOL even cooler

    1. Polish AMOR, I'm sure not all thrift stores carry polish and I definitely have never seen any at Goodwill or Salvation Army. However, I've found good stuff at a few non-chain stores. :)

  3. Wow I never thought to look at thrift stores I need to check mine out.