Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life happens

Hi, everyone! Just posting to  let you know that I'm still around, but have just pushed this blog to the back burner. I do plan to go back to posting eventually, since I still love polish! I also have a few posts that I definitely want to be out in the blogosphere to help others. Among the topics I will post about in the future are

-Inglot 207, the blue flakie

-Where to find a Flip Flop Fantasy dupe for the original formula. Didn't know Flip Flop Fantasy had changed colors? See for yourself in this post from Chit Chat Nails showing the two formulas.

-Where to find glycerin to make your own Fauxnad

-How I made my own nail polish racks out of styrofoam, and the extra tips that youtubers don't always mention.

The video above is for a diy styrofoam wall rack, and the Prettyfulz blog post links to a good one for a tiered one!

Nail polish rack from Prettyfulz blog. Her post includes a great video tutorial!

If you comment below with another topic of interest, it'll be good inspiration for me to get myself into action and get back to posting soon! In the meantime, I will be back with at least the 3 topics listed below. I pledge to do those posts by the end of the year, at least! :P

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