Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday- Zoya Maya with flakies

Zoya Maya topped wth Color Club Snowflakes, sunlight
Here’s a manicure that was inspired by someone’s pet. A month or so back, I was saddened to hear that an online friend’s beautiful cat had passed away unexpectedly. The cat’s name was Maya, and I had just happened to have received Zoya Maya in the mail from the Zoya Freedom Sale around that time. Because of this, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to wear the coral jelly  and pay tribute to Maya the cat. Once I had applied Maya, I wanted to top it with something, but none of my glitter seemed quite right. Then, it hit me...flakies! Beautiful, delicate flakies would look lovely in combination with the gorgeous coral jelly. I applied Color Club Snowflakes, and voila! My delicate coral mani now had a special something extra with the green to orange shifting flakies.  I love the combination, so much so that I took a ton of photos. See more pictures afer the jump, including a couple of mattified ones!
Zoya Maya topped wth Color Club Snowflakes, shade

Here's Zoya Maya with Color Club Snowflakes and an added matte topcoat.  

Zoya Maya topped wth flakies mattified, sunlight

Here are more shiny pictures of Zoya Maya and Color Club "Snow-flakes." I'm using the spelling that Color Club uses on its label, even though I don't think it's grammatically correct.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that proper grammar is important to me!)  As I discussed in my first post about Color Club Snowflakes, I think it's a pretty near dupe for Essie Shine of the Times and other similar flakies like Finger Paints Flashy  Tthere's also other posts comparing Snowflakes to other flakies, like this one from The Polish Insomniac. All of them have better pictures than mine, LOL!

Zoya Maya topped wth Color Club Snowflakes, another sunlight picture

Zoya Maya topped wth Color Club Snowflakes, another shade picture

I really loved this flakie combination, which is a bit of a change of pace from the usual dark base people use with flakies. What do you think?

Zoya Maya topped wth Color Club Snowflakes, another mattifiedd picture

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